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Victory Metals (VMX.v): The Palisade mob of thieves is sweating on its payola

The BS pump called Victory Metals (VMX.v) is approaching a key date, April 13th when a whole bunch of shares come out of escrow. To that end, the Palisade pumphouse has been trying every trick in the book to get the price up, all to no avail. Peppering the market with NRs hasn’t got them anywhere, shuffling the head Palisade scamster and CEO Collin Kettell out of vision and getting comapny Chair Matysek to do all the NRs and quotes has failed as a tactic. Then last week the big paid pump by Casey Research/Porter Scamsberry as those rags of disrepute pumped VMX to their flocks of sheep has also fallen flat on its face. Meanwhile the chart shows every sign of the stock being propped at the 70c level (the insiders having got their soon-to-be free trading paper at 35c).
This one is going down. The question is by how much. Nice to see the two-face ratbag scamsters sweating, though.

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