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Victory Metals (VMX.v): Tracking Collin Kettell’s legalized crimes

The only reason that what these people do is not a felony-level crime, is that justice has yet to catch up to the legislature. Consider these IKN posts on Victory Metals (VMX.to) during 2019:
Feb 2019: Victory Metals (VMX.v): The bullshit pump begins
March 2019: Victory Metals (VMX.v) looks overpriced out the gate
April 2019: Victory Metals (VMX.v): The Palisade mob of thieves is sweating on its payola
Seo 2019:  Snatching defeat from the jaws of Victory Metals (VMX.v)
Please check those links for the names of all involved in this obvious scam, from the slimy twat BPB, the new Jabba the Hutt Matysek, not forgetting Marin “Bela Lugosi” Katusa. And now consider the share price action in this stock:
This is merely the start. With the white collar criminals around this utter scam blowing out paper for cents from now on in, the last thing retail saps are going to feel about their decision to buy into this pump bullshit is “victory”.

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