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Viszla (or is it Vizsla?) Resources and The Angry Geologist

Your humble scribe was chatting with TAG yesterday and as it happens, she’s noticed something very interesting about the drill assays out of Viszla (or is it Vizsla?) Resources, the kind of thing the profane and ignorant such as I don’t spot. A sharp geologist’s eye doesn’t come without a lot of formal study, which is worth remembering when the fake wannabe geols with enough knowledge to be dangerous such as the fool’s fool Bob Moriarty or the junior mining sector’s own soaring pseudointellectual, Lobito, start flapping their lips. Anyway, TAG is busy at the moment but said she’d try to post on VZLA in the near future. Keep an eye out for that one, dog lovers.

PS: What, you didn’t know Bob Moriarty front-runs his paid pumps illegally and should have been thrown in jail years ago? You must be new round these parts….

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