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offended by this photo? If so you are a world class dumbass

This report in Peru’s daily ‘Expreso’ today (translated) reminded me of an incident this author had a few years ago.

The incessant advertising for enriched baby feed formulas are negatively influencing mothers in urban zones, who are mistakenly suspending maternal lactancy when the baby reaches two or three months when it is recommendable to breastfeed until the child is two years old. Peru’s Ministry of Health (Minsa) warned that it was keeping constant watch (and its findings were) supported by a large increase in sales of the so-called enriched formaulas. Mother’s milk is impossible to substitute because its qualities change over time to give the baby all the necessary nutrition according to age.

As for the personal anecdote, a few years ago I had a conversation with a gringa tourist who had been shocked SHOCKED I SAY by seeing a mother breastfeed her baby on public transport IN FULL VIEW OF THE MEN on the bus. When I asked her what was wrong with that, the quote came that has stuck in my mind ever since.

“Well, it’s just not natural, is it?”

My stars, how I miss living in the developed North. Not.

UPDATE: Bizarrely good timing. Minutes ago Peru’s Presidential office published this photo with the following caption (translated):

Directors of Nestlé applaud the solidity that Peru offers to foreign investors.

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