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Vote unpeace

These days we’re not allowed to call the act of dropping bombs on another country war. Then those long-winded descriptions that include words like deployment, targeted, limited and so on, they’re never going to catch on, are they? Far too unwieldy. So what we need is a new terminology, something snappy and 21st century that fits neatly into news headlines. 

Therefore, unpeace.

Orwell would be proud of us all.

UPDATE: All is not lost, there are still patches of life out there. Reader ‘W” writes:

Greetings Otto,
Concerning Orwellian phraseology or neologisms and your coining “unpeace.” I can’t not (sic) chime in:
From my mythical “Orwell Says Dictionary,” proudly published by Rat in a Open Sided Cage Stuck to Your Face:
Pluspeace: n The legitimate actions of Your State to achieve friendship.
Doublepluspeace The outcome of pluspeace.

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