Take physic, pomp

Vox Populi

Here’s a chart showing the latest presidential approval ratings for LatAm leaders. The figures are all those take so far in August and are from the authoritative Angus Reid Global Monitor page on Latin America, right here:

  • Funes in El Salvador is enjoying his honeymoon period.
  • ‘Chelle in Chile is enjoying her swan song..we’ll miss her.
  • Evo in Bolivia is up a point since the last poll in April
  • Studmuffin in Ecuador is down a point since the last show
  • And then we have Twobreakfasts. Isn’t it amazing how this dude is the one made out to be the best of the bunch by the idiot English media? Shome coinshidensh, shurely ossifer!
So what’s the next argument, blue-eyes? The little brown people down here don’t know what’s good for them, is that it?

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