Take physic, pomp

Wake up, Kingsford Capital!

The Cardero boys are playing your tune, Mike Wilkins & Co.

All on the back of this recent update that tries to suggest that El Tambo is the new FDN and how 2008 was a great success. Pity about those helicopters and the drilling that never happened and the locals taking your guys hostage and the ongoing bad blood up there, isn’t it?

But wait! Oh wow! What a surprise! Is that the second vesting period coming to an end soon? What an amazing coincidence! Hooda thunkit, eh?

Expect more hype in a few days. Then expect a peak of volume action. Brent Cook might even chime in at some point (depends on how barefaced his cheek is right now). Then expect misery for those foolish enough to buy. Just another day Chez Van Alphen, folks. Move along…nothing to see here……

DYODD. I’ve done mine, I don’t own and never, ever, ever will.

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