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Want to know who was behind the bullshit pump of Condor Resources (CN.v) last week?

That’d be Cal Everett, the archetype Vancouver slimeball who’s probably made his summer vacay cash (from you, sucker), because from pennies it came and to pennies to will certainly return. Here’s the mail he sent out to prime the pumps, just 24 minutes after the CN.v NR came out on Thursday morning (oh, wow, it’s almost as if he was prepared for the news, innit guv?) and 27 minutes before it came off its halt.

From: Cal Everett
Date: July 3, 2014 at 11:03:55 AM CDT
Subject: Condor drill results – see attached

This is interesting.   CN has 30 percent, 70 percent in a UK listed company called Mariana

If you open up the link on the map, the drilled breccia pipe is small, say 100 m by 100 m by 175 m vertical, by guess at an SG of 2.9 due to the sulphide content.

– guess tonnage of around 5,000,000 tonnes, and you arm wave in around 17,500,000 ounces of Ag and 120,000 ounces of gold, plus base metals.
– the hole 50 m away, drilled a while ago was 33 m at 3.45 gms Au and 22.8 grams Ag, outside of the pipe.
– not a lot of drilling, but inferences are a large area with isolated blob like Ag Au targets.

Could be size to this.  There is an inference in the release of a porphyry body feeder system to depth.

You’ll note the inferences of something special (oh oh feeder system!!), total BS guesses on metal content (that are wrong) and the way it’s carefully written so when the pump goes to crap, you can’t pin a thing on him. All normal, Everett and his band of merry pranksters have been in the game for years and know just how to press all your buttons. Jeesh, if ever there were a bunch of parasites who needed putting out to grass once and for all…

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