idle and fond bondage

Was it coke or booze, Erik?

There are things we know about Erik Wetterling:

  • We know he’s a paid pumper
  • We know he’s a failed poker player
  • We know he’s Quinton Hennigh’s promo poodle, contracted to rah-rah any stock connected to P.T. Barnum PhD
  • We know he can’t stand losing
  • And we now know he’s prone to late night hissyfits when his bad calls and arrogant ignorance is called out on social media.

However, Erik, on revisiting the NVO page this afternoon* I note that there’s something of a controversy regarding the source of your late-night fits of rage. The other evening I naturally assumed you can’t take your booze, Erik, whereas the consensus over at the NVO bullboard is that you must have been snorting cocaine (they seem to know you quite well, after all). So which is correct, Erik, were you drunk or were you coked up? Or perhaps it was neither and you just throw your toys out the pram like that on a normal, non-chemical day? Inquiring minds…

*Sorry Danielh, I’m not a regular visitor. Other people tend to ping me when there’s something interesting on bullboards, life is too short to read you people on a regular basis. And btw daniel, your grammar is awful.

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