Take physic, pomp

We are enjoying the spectacle of Tony Makuch making Mark Bristow look stupid

Bristow regretting his refusal to pay up for Kirkland yet? The pig with disgusting personal habits getting schooled on Canada by Makuch? Good.

By failing to buy KL and now expressing longing and desire to Be Very Canadian, Bristow has painted himself into an expensive corner. AEM’s price action since picking up KL shows the company didn’t miss a beat or lose a dollar of mkt cap to peers. Recall, GOLD had the deal in hand but walked on price, now KL gets to announce even more strong drill results (that would have been Bristow’s kudos). All Barrick has left is to buy is Great Bear and I sincerely hope they make GOLD pay through the nose, too. Either that, or Marky Mark and His Funky Elephant Gun can stop all this pretense of running a Canadian company and buy something else in Africa.


    Great Bear, or maybe Pretium are the only things that would fit for Barrick in Canada

    Joe G. Philadelphia 03/11/21 4:45 am

    You are missing Amex exploration.


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