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We are shocked! Junior mining C-suite executives turn out to be bullshit liars! Shocked!

Here’s what a company called IBC Advanced Technologies told us this morning (your author highlights):

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, Nov. 16, 2018
/CNW/ — IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. (“IBC”) provides the following
clarification concerning its role in the Strategic Metals Complex
(“SMC”) which was referred to in a press release dated May 7, 2018
(the “Press Release”) from Ucore Rare Metals, Inc. (“Ucore.”)  In that
Press Release, Ucore announced that it had “engaged …IBC to commence
advanced engineering and design procedures for the U.S. Specialty Metals
Complex (SMC) to be constructed in Ketchikan, Alaska.”

To correct the record, IBC has not been engaged by Ucore to
commence, and in fact has not commenced or performed, any such advanced
engineering and design procedures for the SMC
Thing is, if you go to that May 7th NR out of Ucore (UCU.v) not only do you get all that “has engaged IBC” phrase, but further down some pretty extensive quotes by both COO and CEO of the company. Here you go, once again bold type added to help direct thine eye:
Having IBC commence E&D activities is a significant milestone for the Alaska SMC” said Mike Schrider, COO of Ucore. “Completion of IBC’s initial test work and engineering tasks will allow us to engage other engineering specialists regarding the non-MRT [Molecular Recognition Technology] portions of the Plant such as the product dissolution and acid/wastewater recycling sections. Once those systems are designed, we will then be in a position to commence discussions with local Alaskan engineers regarding our facility requirements to house the REE separation plant based on the specific site we select in Ketchikan.”

The Ucore-IBC alliance in the REE sector builds on IBC’s proven capabilities to develop, scale-up and commercialize selective separation systems for a number of diverse and complex applications” stated Jim McKenzie, President and CEO of Ucore. “By extrapolating the knowledge gained from the SuperLig® One rare earth pilot plant, we have a clear plan of execution for the Alaska SMC. When completed, we will have established a significant domestic source of saleable rare earth oxides, which will go a long way towards establishing technology metals independence for the US in an environmentally sustainable and safety conscious manner.”
Therefore we can state with accuracy that not only are Mike Schrider and Jim Mackenzie bullshit liars, they are proven bullshit liars. I do enjoy it when these scumbags tip their own hands.

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