Every why hath a wherefore

We attempt to get Iwnattos arrested by Feng Rui’s band of brothers…

…or at least served with an order for libel as we excerpt a little of Iwnattos’s post this morning on Silvercorp (SVM). That’s because it’s better to read both Market Narrative and the Andy Hoffman G&M piece than just the G&M piece:
“I guarantee you Silvercorp is worth zero, and Arthur Little were entirely correct in their assessment. However, the Chinese local government officials, bankrolled and aided by Silvercorp directly, are now arresting anyone in their reach who was part of the investigation. 

#1, Silvercorp should immediately be delisted in Toronto, as the article notes. #2, why the fuck would you invest in any Chinese company whatsoever? I mean, if insightful analysis is met with imprisonment, what does that do for the transparency that you need for rational and safe investment?”

Continues here. And no Mr. Feng, you can’t have his real name. Because we don’t like you, Mr. Feng. 

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