Take physic, pomp

“We have been compensated by Lithium X fifty thousand dollars for our promotional pieces, online ads, and other digital marketing.”

No not IKN, we’re talking about the scam pusher Daniel Ameduri over at Future Money Trends, who did his job of helping Frank Giustra rip off the naive today by publishing his pump piece on the worthless stone-soup BS scam Lithium X (LIX.v). You can read the whole pump over on this link if (you have the stomach), get to the end of it and in the footing’s fine print you get to read how Daniel Ameduri is getting $50k for his troubles. Beats working. Or having any vestige of morality.
Unsurprisingly this “liquidity event” also coincided with the day the original “Friends And Family” 15c placement on LIX.v came out of escrow and into free trading. But even more wonderful is the way Giustra decides today’s the day to quote Gandhi at you! My stars, talk about living in denial..
My thanks to Tommy and Marvin for the heads up on this.

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