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We know Grupo Mexico is having community trouble in Peru, but what about Mexico?

Grupo Mexico via its subsidiary Southern Copper (SCCO) has all that Tia Maria thing going, which is sticky and worrying and that. But how are things in its home country?

Oh…that good?
This morning the “United Front Against Grupo Mexico”, comprised of union workers seeking better conditions and locals still up in arms about the recent big pollution spills into the Rio Sonora and surrounding agricultural lands, blocked all accesses to the company’s Buenavista de Cobre mine in the North of the country. According to latest reports they total blockade is still in place. That above is the sight of a police vehicle burning. We also have this about clashes this afternoon between police and protesters.

And here’s a nice photo of one of the security outposts at the mine today. They seem to be having fun.

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