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We now know how the anti-Tia Maria protester died yesterday

Amazingly, stunningly, crazily, it seems as though the chief of police who insisted yesterday evening that the 62 year old local farmer who died during the confrontation between locals and police officers because he tripped, fell, broke his leg and the broken bone punctured his artery was making shit up! (here’s the quote from yesterday, “Victoriano Huayna did not suffer bullet or pellet impacts. According to the police chief, the victim fractured his leg and the bone cut through an artery“) You’d never believe that story wasn’t true now, would you?
In fact, according to the official autopsy today, Victoriano Huayna Nina died from a bullet wound to the upper right leg that blew out his artery and saw him die from the combination of shock and massive loss of blood: In short, he was shot and then bled to death. Pleasant.
Southern Copper (SCCO) must be happy now: A 62 year old farmer who had lived in the Tambo Valley all his life and done nothing more sinister in six decades than tend his fields (or lately protect them) must be one of those “mining terrorists” the company keeps talking about, so now they and the whole of Peru have one less of those dangerous and life-threatening “terrorists” to worry about. Shot to death by a police force that swore blind it was not carrying firearms while controlling the crowds yesterday and headed up by a now confirmed liar.
Hey SCCO guys, how’s that community relations program going? ¿Todas observaciones ya estan absueltas? Ah, buenissimo, les felicito.

UPDATE: this evening, the police chiefs in charge of the operation have been relieved of their duties by the Peruvian Minister of the Interior. 

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