Take physic, pomp

Wednesday wondermusic: Faith No More; Best

Three hours of music from FNM and not one single weak track. Amazing.
Stick it on, go about your day, I guarantee they’ll be at least a dozen moments of “Oh yeah this one!” and catching youself singing along. Impossible to pick out a highlight, but I will say that when Stripsearch ran into From Out Of Nowhere (around the two hour mark) the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Full playlist for your consideration and eventual enjoyment:

Ricochet, Underwater Love, We Care A Lot, Kindergarten, The Cowboy Song, Absolute Zero, Digging The Grave, Helpless, Zombie Eaters, Be Aggresive, Faster Disco, Caffeine, Evidence, Last Cup Of Sorrow, Falling To Pieces, Everything’s Ruined, King For A Day, The Real Thing, The Perfect Crime, Land Of Sunshine, Just A Man, Pristina, Introduce Yourself, The Morning After, The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, Easy, What A Day, Stripsearch, From Out Of Nowhere, RV, Chinese Arithmetic, Get Out, Midlife Crisis, Surprise! You’re Dead!, As The Worm Turns, Collision, I Started A Joke, A Small Victory, Caralho Voador, Edge Of The World, Ashes To Ashes, Epic

PS: Aiee caramba! The earworm I’ve picked up today for the chorus of Underwater Love is so bad it’s almost a medical condition. Damnation, that slap bass is good.

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