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Weekend Freestuff

Free, gratis and for nothing, here we are again with the perfect solution to “Awwww…ahm bored an’ ah got nothing ta read”.

Click this link to directly download a free copy of Ambrose Bierce’s famous ‘Devil’s Dictionary’. Yes, this wonderful and entertaining piece of literature that you’ve always liked but never owned can now be yours forever thanks to this PDF file. Included are such classics as:

INFANCY, n. The period of our lives when, according to Wordsworth, “Heaven lies
about us.” The world begins lying about us pretty soon afterward.
LOVE, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage…………

150 pages of fun. Get yours today.

Click this link to apply for your free subscription to Futures Magazine (and I hope you do, because you get the free sub and I get a buck fifty commish for this). Here’s the blurb from the publishers that is designed to tempt you even further.

You’ll increase your profit potential once you’ve gained the timely market insight that Futures Magazine magazine provides. Each issue is full of indispensable information including in-depth interviews with top traders about trading strategies and tactics, technical analysis, and money management best practices. Futures Magazine provides you with the essentials you need to make smart trading decisions.

Finally, click this link for your free direct download copy of Joseph Conrad’s novel, ‘Nostromo’. This book may have been written moons ago, but there really is no better way to understand the ways of Latin America and the mentalities of those that live here than to read this hugely intelligent and satisfying book (apart from live here, of course). This is a book I’m really pleased to be able to offer you and it’s a totally free download, too. No ifs, buts or catches (just like the Devil’s Dictionary).

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