Every why hath a wherefore

Weird block sales action today

I’ll name a few, you’ll probably be able to spot others, but for no apparent newsflow reason we’ve seen large selling chunks and big percentage drops in a whole bunch of explorecos and not-very-liquid juniors. Mirasol, Lara, Goldgroup Mining, Nevada Sunrise are examples. Perhaps add Radius, Sirios, Barkerville to the list
It could be for any number of reasons, but one line of least resistance is perhaps one sector player who, in some way or form, bet big against a Trump win and now needs to cover the loss. These chunks trades sure do have a forced look about them.

UPDATE: Mystery solved in two of the cases, as Byron King of The Gold Speculator has called sell on Mirasol and Lara Which makes both of those buying opportunities, as he’s a freakin’ dumbass. (EDIT: And Goldgroup too, which proves how stupid this Byron guy is because anyone who claims to have met Keith Piggott and then recos his company is one beer short of a full sixpack).

PS: And the people who believe his words are dumbass squared. Your visual evidence:

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