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Welcome to Colossus Minerals and the world of shiny beads and mirrors

Congratulations to Colossus Minerals (CSI.to) that has finally managed to return an amazing three drill cores results totalling a mouthwatering 900m or so after having a measly three rigs operating at the Serra Pelada site for close on three months*. Here’s the PR.

So here are a few thoughts to chew on:

  • Before you start drooling and salivating about the high gold and PGM returns (and for sure those numbers look sexy, don’t they?) think about just how much of the goodstuff is concentrated in one thin band.And what do you know about the host rock? You think it’ll be easy underground mining? Think again, and bigtime.
  • If you don’t know what “excludes intervals of no core recovery” means you shouldn’t even be looking at the stock, let alone justifying your expensive an erroneous purchase to yourself, and even less evangelizing it to other suckers.
  • Why aren’t the drillhole location maps available today, as is normal protocol? Why does the company want us all to stare at numbers like 27m @ 35g/t Au (which we always knew existed) without showing us the positionings? Why will the maps only be on site “shortly”?
  • Why didn’t they bother setting out a table for hole SPD-022? Guys, you’re allowed to drill dusters, it’s part of the game. It’s only when you’re doing a smoke’n’mirrors show for retail suckers that you start feeling threatened by non-returning holes.
Remember, this is the kind of outfit that believes The Albatross is an asset to the company. That can only mean KY Jelly somewhere along the line for the little guys cos people like Paddy don’t give a damn and will do you over eventually. Process begins today.

Bottom line: don’t buy the bullshit, don’t believe the hype. Don’t go long CSI.to. Don’t go short CSI.to. Just avoid. Like the plague.

UPDATE: nuff said

*yes, it’s sarcastic

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