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Wesdome (WDO.to) at Kiena

Hello, hope you’re having a pleasant day. At this end of the pipe I’ve been having all the fun, immersing myself in Wesdome (WDO.to) Kiena mine data and things on the back of yesterday’s impressive news release from the company. A total wonkfest datacrunch that’s kept me away from doing several other things today, including snarky posts on the blog.
But it’s all worth it because these numbery things aren’t just for fun, they’re for profit too. By the look of the way the stock’s reacted to the news today…
…that nice Mister Market guy thinks the news has added about U$33m to the value of WDO. And that’s the most interesting bit y’see, because I’m pretty sure Mr. Market is wrong. I think it’s worth a lot more than that.
All will be explained in IKN381, out Sunday.

UPDATE post-close: Probably just a coincidence.

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