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What Colombia’s President Santos says about the WarOnDrugs™

Inspired by an excellent post over at Drug Law Reform:

A letter addressed to the SecGen of the UN in 1998 that was co-signed by now President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos made several points about the so-called war on drugs (that has continued along the same policy lines until today). The letter ends in this way:

“Persisting in our current policies will only result in more drug abuse, more empowerment of drug markets and criminals, and more disease and suffering. Too often those who call for open debate, rigorous analysis of current policies, and serious consideration of alternatives are accused of “surrendering.” But the true surrender is when fear and inertia combine to shut off debate, suppress critical analysis, and dismiss all alternatives to current policies. Mr. Secretary General, we appeal to you to initiate a truly open and honest dialogue regarding the future of global drug control policies – one in which fear, prejudice and punitive prohibitions yield to common sense, science, public health and human rights.”

President Santos was right to sign that letter. Here we are 12 years later with more drug abuse, more disease, more suffering and vastly more empowered narcos. Now that he’s made it to the Presidency of the world’s biggest producer of cocaine, it’s time to start walking the walk, Juanma.

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