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What happens next at Candente Copper (DNT.to)

It beggars belief for those who know the company to see this stock run, which means the people who really know the company and its depraved corporate culture are not surprised at all.

The next moves of the Freeze woman, holder of the industry’s prestigious “Most CSR Damage Done in South America” lifetime award, are predictable:

  • A placement to a proposed CSR push, followed by an exploration program including drilling.
  • Placement closes, DNT bug the locals for three years and get nowhere. As in zero zip nada nowhere, guaranteed not a single metre will be drilled.
  • But the Freeze woman gleefully spends your money on her favourites anyway.

You think Pichot is coming to the rescue? If you do, Google the words “Cañaris” and “Copper”. You think a free ride on 40% of Don Gregorio is worth something? If you do, Google the word “Cobriza” and when you do, along with the exploration permafailure at the property, check out the corporate wheelin’n’dealin’ the unspeakable Freeze woman plays on her unsuspecting audience of retail suckers. Which is you if you’ve recently bought into the single worst junior mining company in Peru (and my stars, that’s saying something). This uberdog and current pumpjob is strictly for those who can’t find the country on a map.


    I think my dad owned this dog about twenty-five years ago.


    What has Ms. Freeze done re: CSR? Sorry, naïve investor in Candente who wants to know!


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