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What I don’t understand about Vox Royalty Corp (VOX.v)

Two things:

  • I keep hearing how the people running VOX.v are “the smartest guys in the room”
  • They are paying a notorious pumphouse $25k a month to promote their stock to the mouthbreather end of the market

And those two facts simply do not jive. I’ve looked at the company and yes, on the surface at least its royalty model looks different and a cut above the average. So why are they paying the National Inflation Association (of all promo houses!) and what’s the message they want to give?

  • “Yeah, we may look smart on the surface, but…”?
  • “We like lumping our company in with the no-hopers and paper machines that normally use the NIA”?
  • “We’re desperate to move the stock price and too impatient to let our results speak for themselves”?
  • “We are in distribution mode, roll up and buy some, suckers”?
  • “We prefer stupid shareholders”?

Seriously, if these guys are so smart and their company so locked in on their path of success, why are they flushing treasury down the toilet like this, all while attracting attention of the OTC market oversight people? Not only that, but they feel so sheepish about last night’s obligatory exposure that they roll out a puff piece NR this morning to throw more sequins. Talk about putting up red flags for the serious end of the market!


    Yes these guys are pure fraudsters, I wonder how Konwave AG, Gold2000, US Global, (major shareholders of VOX) are feeling about this… Not good to be associated with a company that can’t google search… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYOclEsKHtc


      It’s a genuine head-scratcher, this one. When the VOX people present they make a strong case. Personable, smart young generation mining people are my idea of the future and from what they say in their shows, the method of searching out valuable royalties has worked very well, win-win situations. Or so it seems from the outside. I’ve had them on radar for a while and wondered if i’d missed the boat when it floated up to $4 recently. Then they go and lump themselves in with the P+D crew like this! Don’t they know there are instos shorting anything that turns up on these for-retail-suckers-only channels these days?

    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 09/06/22 10:23 am

    So, according to the Yahoo NR – the Pumpers don’t even own any stock in VOX ……..

    “neither GRA nor any of its principals currently own any securities, directly or indirectly, of the Company nor have any current intention to acquire any securities of the Company”

    ……. $25k a month to shill a stock they don’t even believe in to buy the stock for themselves.


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