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What I learned about SolGold (SOLG) today

I learned SOLG has tinysmall insto shareholders who walk blind into companies, countries and situations they do not understand and waste their clients’ capital in doing so. Berry St’s mailer yesterday, kvetching on corporate governance and hinting at Nick Maher’s continuing policy influence at the company (something we all took as granted anyway) is a case study of dumb, naive brokers trying to lay the blame for their own mistakes at someone else’s door and their opinion is worthless. These fools need to know when to shut their mouths, if I were their client I’d be more worried about Berry St.’s next decisions and not SolGold’s.

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    Imagine adopting a mining method for promotion. Block caving is proving to be headache for one major miner, why would a junior have the competency for it. They promoted the mining method before they completing their drilling. Now the whole project is stuck in ego, jurisdiction, and general mining bullshit.


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