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What Lula and Obama talked about, according to Lula

It’s not just that Hugo guy in Venezuela and that Rafa guy in Ecuador that do weekly shows for their people, you know. Cuddly old Lula da Silva of Brazil also does his number in a weekly radio program called “Coffee with the President”. This week he elaborated on what was said when he got together with the Hawaiian on Saturday, and here below is the Ottotrans™ via a Spanish-language report (my Portuguese isn’t hot, y’see). No more blabbing, here’s Lula dixit:
“I talked with Obama about the need for the USA to have a new vision in its relationship with a democratic Latin America, which is growing and has made itself a development option. It is important that he has a vision of association and not insurgency, a vision of contribution and not interference.

“I think Obama understands this and I believe we can advance (together). I think that Obama has the conditions to make this inflection, especially if we analyse the Cuba issue. There is no reason to continue the Cuba blockade. I know it isn’t an easy thing, but we have to take important step to democratize our relationship with the USA and the USA with Latin America.

“I was impressed with his clarity about the magnitude of the (current financial) crisis, clarity about the responsibility of the USA and the need to establish a consensus between the G20 countries to take the necessary measures to resolve this crisis.”

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