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What Southern Peru (SCCO) thinks about the opposition to the Tia Maria project

Here’s how Carlos Aranda, Technical Services Manager at Southern Copper (SCCO), explained the situation at Tia Maria this afternoon as regards the amount of opposition to the project. Original text in Spanish below, author’s translation above:

“I repeat, the opposition is not what it seems. There isn’t a majority of opposers (to the project). Here’s an example; In the most recent protest march against the project it’s said there were 1,500 people. Let’s say there were 3,000. In the whole of the Islay region (according to the Peru Statistics Office Census of 2013) there were a little over 52,000 people living there. If we assume that all the anti-mine protesters are from the zone, the “opposition” is a little less than 6% of the province’s population. But the other 94% don’t say anything. For sure I’m not assuming that the silent group are all in favour but knowing the survey statistics, let’s say there are 15% who dno’t care a jot about the situation, that still leave 79% who aren’t associated with the opposition. As of today that 6% have blocked the entrance to the locality to stop ministers from bringing dialogue and information to the area so that the other 94% could listen or voice their concerns. The dictatorship of the minority, they say.”

Reitero, la oposición no es lo que parece.  No hay una mayoría de opositores.  Veamos un ejemplo.  En la mayor marcha reciente en contra se dice que llegó a 1,500 personas. Digamos que fueron 3,000. Todo Islay (INEI 2013) tiene poco más de 52,000 personas.  Asumiendo de que todos los antimineros son de la zona, la “oposición” es de poco menos del 6% de la población de la provincia.  Pero el otro 94% no dice nada.  Por cierto, no asumo que este grupo silencioso esté todo a favor.  Pero, conociendo las estadísticas de encuestas, digamos que hay un 15% al que no le importa un pepino la situación, todavía queda un 79% que no comulga con los opositores.  Hoy día ese 6% bloqueó los ingresos a la zona para evitar que los Ministros pudieran llevar el diálogo e información a la zona para que el 94% restante pudiera escuchar o emitir sus preocupaciones. La dictadura de las minorías, que le dicen.

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