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What the local leaders in Ecuador think about SolGold and Solaris

Not the leaders that the mining companies trot out for your consumption, mind you. Here IKN introduces you to the real leaders, the ones that Solaris personnel use death threats against in attempts to keep them off the airwaves. Daniel Earle is another who should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

P.S. And when Earle starts with his corporatese defences and tries to gloss over the tactics used by SLS at ground level, just ask him two simple questions:

  • Does Federico Velásquez still work for the company?
  • Why?


    BTW, what do you make of this ruling vs the presidential mining decree from August?


      Why people confuse the Constitutional Court with the Presidency is still beyond me. With “muerte cruzada” now off the table, the decree will likely be promulgated (along with the rest of the package) but it’s still a shaky edict and wouldn’t stand up in a legal battle. I stuck a comment under this post on the subject:


      Here ya go with the copypaste:

      It’s not going to be exactly the same, but to get a general gist and strictly for theory’s sake, try swapping out these words:

      Ecuador for The USA
      Lasso for Biden
      Constitutional Court for Supreme Court


        Sadly, I meant my comment for that thread and didn’t read it before posting. Having a former background in politics, I felt the need to ask the question, as it’s a chess-mess in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches in any country and it depends where a particular company, industry, or a particular insider has connections to get something through.


    […] people and and its leadership, then when those leaders raise their voices against your project get your country manager to issue thinly-veiled death threats against the dissenters. All they had last night was to call on the national government to send in the army! You think this […]


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