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What you need to know about Paraguay today

1) Nothing, because apparently nobody North of the Darien Gap seems to give a toss about the place.
2) President Lugo will have two hours to present his case to the country’s Senate this afternoon, then at 4:30pm local time (also EST) the Senate will give its verdict.
3) It’s where Stevia comes from, the people are wonderfully friendly and relaxed, your humble scribe has fond memories of an extended visit once upon a few years ago.
4) For more on how today pans out for Lugo & Co read ABC Color, the country’s main newspaper.

5) This report has Lugo calling the current proceedings “An Express Coup D’Etat” and points the finger at the main player in the Colorado Party, Horacio Cartes. No surprise there.

6) For lovers of English language who want to get up to speed, Greg Weeks has a decent post on the subject for your viewing pleasure here.

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