Take physic, pomp

Whatever happened to Liberty Silver (LSL.to)?

Iwnattos asks the question, shows the trainwreck price chart to give part of the answer, but then asks the real question later in his piece:

On the one hand, you could find a hundred other, less shifty junior
miners with charts just like that.  

On the other hand, the OSC and TMX Group
haven’t done anything about those other hundred companies’ lies,
deceit, misrepresentation, back-room deals, front-running, insider
dealing or embezzlement either – that is, beyond the customary slap on
the wrist and “could you perhaps issue a clarification press release?” Continues here

True, true, true. Seriously, who did Bobby G bung in order to get a straight Dot-Tee-Oh listing for his scam?

Moral: Want to stop the corruption? Jail the rich and corrupt motherfuckers who run the shops.

UPDATE: VancVenture adds a worthy dos centavitos on the subject, right here.

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