Take physic, pomp

Whatever makes you think Ecometals (EC.v) is full’o’bull, Otto?

Ahh, just a feeling, y’know….

On August 12th, Ecometals (EC.v) said this, adding a new layer of smoke’n’mirrors to its bullshit operations in order to dazzle its obedient sheep-like followers over its Zarza crapshoot project in Ecuador:

The final remaining Environmental Management Plan and Environmental License approvals are expected to be received this month.

Result? Pumpy pumpy, up she goes again.

But wait! Today isn’t August any longer. Today be September and there’s still no news on those permits. Could it possibly be true that EC.v has been bullshitting the market again? After all, on that same August 12th date I wrote this, offering to accept bets on that permit (non) issuance. Damn pity that nobody took me up on the deal….not even EC.v management.

Question of the day: What common word in capital markets, used when stock drops in price on high volumes, rhymes with the word “pump“?

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