Take physic, pomp

Whatever makes you think that Associated Press makes shit up to appease its paymasters, Otto?

Oh, just a feeling.

Take for example today’s story about a big drugs bust in Greece, where the local agencies found 447kg of cocaine mixed in a container of aluminium scrap at the Greek port of Piraeus. Apparently the coke was on its way to Bulgaria, the gang has been tracked previously and are known for trafficking the Colombia-Europe route and seizure is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) cocaine bust in Greece ever (so kudos to the cops). Therefore here’s the story…

As reported by UPI:

“A police official said the anti-drug team acted on a tip received from U.S. authorities saying they suspected the ship was transporting the drug from Colombia.”

As reported by Reuters:

“ATHENS (Reuters) – GREEK police said on Wednesday they had seized 500 kilos of cocaine on a boat in the country’s main port, Piraeus, and arrested six members of an international drug-smuggling ring.”

As reported by Focus News

“Athens. Greek police broke up a Greek-Bulgarian drug trafficking ring importing huge amounts of cocaine from Colombia, the online edition of Greek Makedonia newspaper reports. The special operation was conducted in cooperation with international anti-drug organizations.”

As reported by The Sofia Echo

“Greek police have busted a Bulgarian-Greek drug trafficking ring, Focus news agency quoted Greek newspapers as saying.

The organisation allegedly imported large amounts of cocaine from Colombia.”

And now ROLL ON THE DRUMS PLEASE….here it is as reported by Associated Press

“Greek authorities say they have seized nearly half a ton of cocaine and arrested five suspected members of an international drug smuggling ring.

The Finance Ministry says the 447 kilograms (1,000 pounds) of Colombian cocaine had been smuggled by freighter from Bolivia to Greece’s main port of Piraeus, near Athens. It was one of the largest quantities of the drug ever seized in Greece.”

So the world’s press know it’s from Colombia, but AP decides the story sounds better if the blame is stuck on the Axis of Evo™. Therefore, Associated Press, for your ongoing bullshit and lies via arch-pisspoor coverage of South America that it exemplified in today’s misinformation special, you win this week’s coveted award. Enjoy, dumbasses:

Hat tip boliviasol

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