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What’s at stake in Venezuela’s local elections*

Tomorrow, December 8th, sees the local elections take place in Venezuela. It’s being billed as a big test for new President Maduro, so there’s a lot of script available now and the aftermath is sure to be covered by the assembled media, too. So, when it comes to English language news and analysis, I offer you two options:
1) If you want to read the normal type of agenda-ridden bullshit on Venezuela from the channels of choice, don’t let me stop you. The Google machine is that way, try “Venezuela December 8 election” as suitable keywords, then sit back and read your eyes sore. 
2) If you’d like a balanced and intelligent preview of the election in English, Setty has written this. It’s only four paragraphs long but it captures what’s important, what’s not, what’s been made up, what you need to watch for etc etc and it does the job well.
Guess which option I recommend the most?
 *three’s a crowd

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