Every why hath a wherefore

What’s changed in the Gold Headline Generator™?

Back in late January, with gold selling at one thousand, two hundred and sixty United States dollars per troy ounce (plus shipping), IKN put together this post which had this as its centrepiece:

Your humble scribe then showed it in action during one of those happy jolly “Hey guys, let’s tank gold $20” moments that the market so loves to throw our way:

And I got to thinking last night about what had changed on the table and maybe these days we need Ukraine there some place, but apart from that it all works fine. Which leads directly to the conclusion that we’ve gone through three months of noise on gold with the net end result $50 added to its price, despite all the wailings of the prophets of doom on one side and the to-da-mooners on the other. 
Bottom line: A helluva lot of complete bollocks is spoken about gold.

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