Take physic, pomp

What’s the difference between “a request for a criminal action” and “a criminal action”?

Answer: Only one of them is a criminal action.
Be careful as you read Minera IRL’s news release today, don’t confuse the two and remember how much mud is getting slung around at the moment. We’re now in one of those proxy fights when lawyers will say or do anything and everything to hide their true intentions.

PS: And while you’re reading the NR that has the details of the case that Minera IRL Ltd has finally, at looong last, with impeccable timing, presented to the Peru courtrooms with their plans for criminal charges against Diego Benavides (which is by the way pretty thin, but we’re not going there today), it’s worth recalling that the people behind this smear campaign are well versed in experiences of real and undoubted corruption, the type identified and condemned by the government of Peru. To that end, improve your knowledge of Jaime Pinto, non-exec chair and Daryl Hodges lackey, by reading “The Talented Mister Pinto” right here. One fascinating guy.

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