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When heads of state guestblog, they don’t do it on IKN

Instead they choose some apparently popular publication called ‘The New York Times’ or something. Here’s the link to Evo Morales’ op-ed found in the pages of the NYT today. The subject is the coca leaf and the argument can be filed under “plain common sense”. Here’s an extract, but it’s a “read it all” thing so go visit that link yourself.

The custom of chewing coca leaves has existed in the Andean region of South America since at least 3000 B.C. It helps mitigate the sensation of hunger, offers energy during long days of labor and helps counter altitude sickness. Unlike nicotine or caffeine, it causes no harm to human health nor addiction or altered state, and it is effective in the struggle against obesity, a major problem in many modern societies.

Today, millions of people chew coca in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and northern Argentina and Chile. The coca leaf continues to have ritual, religious and cultural significance that transcends indigenous cultures and encompasses the mestizo population.


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