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When your streamer management gets lazy and greedy…

…and is more interested in a dozen pocket-filling side deals in other companies than the well-being of their own:

You would have thought, with gold up 15% on the year, that a streamer would be a nailed on bet to enjoy good leverage to the metal. Not the case here, anyone with a brain can see Sandstorm Gold (SAND) is deteriorating fast, the reason seems to be at C-suite level. Now negative on the 12 month chart, notice how David Awram, Nolan Watson and the rest of the crew get no end of deals done with Jamie Keech on BS scam explorecos, but at SAND they they haven’t delivered a single meaningful deal for the company for months.

Fat, lazy, complacent and laughing at SAND shareholders while they line their own pockets, Sandstorm is down way more than the average royalty/streamer company but is still a sell.

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