Take physic, pomp

While we’re in the mood to check up on zero-moral gold scammers and pump artists out there…….

….let’s check on how Porter Stansberry and his ridiculous pump of Nautilus Minerals (NUS.to) is doing.

  • In this post dated July 12th we noted the sharp spike on the key day of Porter’s Stansberry’s bullshit scam and told it like it was as the stock broke through $2.65

“If you adhere to the view that it’s only correct for intelligant people to take money away from stupid people then today’s the day to short Nautilus Minerals (NUS.to). It’s also the day that Porter Scamsberry unleashed his proletariat on this woefully bad pump job (it’s up 10% at the bellmake that 15).”

So let’s see how NUS.to has done since then:

What, $1.81? In the middle of a massive melt-up gold bull and your star stock pick is 31.6% down, Porter?  Cue owly:

Feeling stupid yet, Porter? Probably not, cos you’re so pleased with yourself about ripping off thousands of sheep with your disgusting market tactics that you actually think you’re clever, ain’t that right you freakin’ scumbag moron?

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