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Who prefers using cash in Latin America

Colombia’s banking people, Asobancaria, asked people around the some of the major economies of Latin America whether they preferred to use cash or other means (e.g. debit card, credit card, e-transfer, cheque etc) for transactions and here’s what they came up with:
Bolivia loves using cash, Venezuela hates it (probably connected to the number of pieces of paper you have to carry around in your pocket in order to buy things) and a typical level in the region is 50/50. Though kindly note that Asobancaria asked whether cash was preferred, rather than used, because it stated that in Colombia for example, 90% of transactions happened using cash (mostly the small ones, of course).
By way of reference, Asobancaria also said that cash preference in the Eurozone was 17.7% and in the USA was 45.3% (that last one was surprisingly high for me, but wtfdik?). Finally, I’d just just like to add that Tango and Cash was the worst movie I ever saw when paying for a ticket in a cinema.

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