Win us with honest trifles

Who remembers the Silversqueeze?

It all seems so long ago now. Keif does:

But Willem is trying to forget, or at least not remind anyone:

Plenty more where those came from, too. So how much did you throw down the toilet due to this snake oil salesman, Twitter Moron? Tax Loss Selling much? I laughed hard about “The Oracle from Amsterdam”, by the way. And while we’re here talking about rip-offs built for Twitter Morons, watch out for Willem’s next scam coming in 2022, called Moneghetti Minerals. That’s going to be a hoot, he’s got half of Monaco’s landed and lunching ladies wrapped round his slimy little finger. At least Keif’s got his hot yoga school to fall back on, the charlatan Middelkoop only has a Twitter account and his partners in pumping crime. And be clear, this fake bozo scumbag of scumbags will still be after your money in 2022, scam artists don’t just suddenly disappear simply because one backwater blog tells the truth about their evil ways.

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