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Who to believe on Latin America?

1) An asshole who gets space in The Wall Street Journal?
2) The ex-director of the biggest and most reputable stats collecting office in LatAm?

Meanwhile, the ex-director of CEPAL criticized the qualification between “good and bad economic development” that is “done by media channels” by separating the governments of right and left.

“This division is false. Among the countries with orthodox economic policies is Mexico, which has a poor development in economic terms and is the least dynamic economy in Latin America along with Venezuela and El Salvador”, he said. 
On the other side of the coin are countries “on the (political) left with very good development”, such as Ecuador and Bolivia, that are “reducing inequality to the lowest levels in Latin America.”
You be the judge. But in the meantime will you please stop thinking that The WSJ has anything insightful to day about a whole region that it’s called pathetically badly for decades. This whole bullshit spiel about “left bad right good” vomited out by the English language media that fails to do anything close to covering the region is as stupid as it’s wrong.

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