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Why I was stupid about Erdene Resource (ERD.to)

Back in this post from December 2016, this humble corner of cyberspace had a good laugh and chortle about a BS pump drill hole announced by Erdene Resource Development Corp (ERD.to) at its project in Mongolia. A flashy-as-hell headline assay but drilled straight down strike, no way would anyone fall for this poppycock and piffle, right?
Another example of my classic mistake on the junior exploreco sector, the bit where I forget it’s full of people dumber than a sack of nails. The stock price held up, the newsletter writers piled on, the nodding donkeys insisted that the company took their money and off we jolly well went:

Pretty stupid of me I openly admit, once again I didn’t expect you guys out there fall for this crapola. I should have known better and those behind the plan obviously did. Mind you, it took a full five quarters but the inevitable happened and we’re back where we started, transference of currency from one pocket to another is complete, who needs to mine rocks to make money anyway?

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