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Why IKN likes Visual Capitalist

This humble corner of cyberspace has mentioned the team over at Visual Capitalist before and as they have a big Q&A thingy today at Gold Report, it’s a good opportunity to point you over their way again. The interview today goes into plenty of detail about the method behind their Tickerscores system and then names some of the highest rated companies, so go have a look.
But IKN likes this Visual Capitalist thing for a different reason. From what I’ve seen, it’s a good filtering system, by no means perfect, but it’s good. I like the way it quantifies the different aspects and components of junior companies and then gives up a rank of what their quant says are the good and bad of the sector.
Now for sure you’re allowed to disagree with the results, but hot damn sir you have to know why you’re disagreeing, so what VisCap really offers is an excellent kick-off point for DD. It cuts the crap out of a lot of the junior world and that’s the thing I really like, because that’s just the type of service that will, hopefully, put a lot of junior newsletters and assorted sector parasites out of business (this site and service very much included). So applause to Visual Capitalist and make sure you go read more at that link above. And stop paying idiots and scammers for advice when you can pay smart people.

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