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Why is Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up this morning?

With the junior silvers (MVG, FR.to, GPR.to, EDR.to) down and the metal itself weakening, why is Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up over 2% in early trading? Readers of The IKN Weekly know why and found out yesterday afternoon. Here’s a small extract from the part about FVI.v from this week’s edition.
“…On Friday morning the police moved in and broke up the protest. FVI was quick to point out there was no violence used by either side. Apparently there was tension in the air but the protesters listened to reason and decided not to push their luck. There were violent incidents on the same day a few kilometres away at another anti-mining roadblock near the town of Magdalena, but this confrontation had nothing at all to do with FVI.v at San José. To recap, the whole issue is far more about local politics and upcoming elections that rejection of Fortuna and its project in the region...”

So go tll Casey that his BS reason for creating a panic in FVI.v shares the other day is now shown for what it was all along; just another reason to manipulate a bunch of sheep and separate them from their bankrolls. Cui bono, Doug? Cui bono?

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