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Why you should listen to Recomposed by Max Richter

At the weekend I stuck a piece from “Recomposed by Max Richter; Vivaldi, The Four Seasons” on the blog, namely “Summer 1”. I recommend you listen to it, I recommend you listen to the whole thing but maybe before jumping in too far listen to this excerpt, Summer 3:
An experience for anyone who has listened to Vivaldi’s original too many times to remember, like walking through a place you’ve walked a thousand times before to the point where you recognize every view angle, wall, window, lamp post, flower bed, tree. Then suddenly starting to suspect that it’s not the same place, just one that looks almost identical. And then the suspicions solidify, it’s not the same place. And then it’s very different, but the morphing happened so smoothly and naturally.
A beautiful, compelling, weird, mind-altering experience for your inner melomaniac, it has me listening to Vivaldi’s major work all over again instead of simply hearing it. Cannot be recommended too highly.

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