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Why you should read Louis James of Casey Research

It’s simple: He’s the perfect contrary indicator and bottom-ticks them all. Here’s the 12 month copper chart (could show you other base metals charts, but copper’s ther bellweather of them all):
See where it bottomed out? Here’s what Louis Lobito Little Wolf James wrote to clients on January 27th 2015 under the title “ALERT: Base Metal Meltdown, and More”, the only edit being two specific company names taken out:

We are preparing a more in-depth review of the base metal markets for our next issue of the International Speculator. However, I want to bring the matter to Casey Investment Alert subscribers’ attention first, as I did with the “come hell, high water, or $1,000 gold” portfolio, because the markets could move significantly before the next edition. Here’s our thinking on what to do now:

  • Liquidate any pure industrial metals plays you may still have in your portfolio, unless they can profit at significantly lower prices.
  • Hold on to base metals plays that have very strong precious metal components, such as XXXX and XXXX, as they have the potential to greatly outperform market expectations.
  • Accumulate cash, wait, and watch for wholesale base-metal blood in the streets.

Clever traders may want to consider shorting copper and iron producers as well, but remember that you have to be right on the timing, not just the direction the stocks move. We have not found a suitable vehicle for recommending as a short position to our readers, but it’s an idea for the pros to look into.

That was for his premium level clients, too. All this while Casey Research keeps pumping out the “we’re never wrong” guff and nonsense in its advertising in order to hook unsuspecting suckers into its multi-level-marketing scams.

 My thanks for the forward to A. Reader.

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