Take physic, pomp

Wide Boy is wheelin’ and dealin’

Ross Wide Boy Beaty, in full empire build mode, buys Premier and its Hardrock mine for Equinox. How many bribes did you pass for this one, Ross? How many stuffed envelopes? Is Bri-Bri helping out on this one, Ross? Bill Fleckenstein is the funniest of Ross Beaty’s online sycophants, his tongue so far up Beaty’s colon he can taste his breakfast. Ask Fleckenstein and you’ll hear that Ross Wide Boy Beaty can be trusted because he’s only been caught red-handed in illegal deals once so far.


    Nikko Montreal Ouest 17/12/20 11:17 am

    I have to give you credit for exposing these scumbags. Remember the day we all thought that the Clintons were great!
    Curious if you have an opinion on Ely Gold Royalties. Looking at it closely and seems cheap on NAV vs peers. I have no clue who these guys are?


    Don’t know much about Ross Beaty but I do know Only Fools and Horses was brilliant. Thanks for reminding me; time to watch again 👍


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