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Will Bob Moriarty comment on Novo Resources (NVO.to)?

Don’t be stupid, of course he won’t.

The charlatan does not return to the scene of the crime. Bob Moriarty won’t talk about his all-time Top Pick ever again, he’s too busy counting the money he made by duping you suckers. What became of the crow, Bob?


    Looks like an average junior chart.


      Your average junior doesn’t put on a jackhammer livestream dog&pony show and then swindle its True Believers out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Quinton Hennigh got extremely rich from this scam, it’s laughable that people still pay attention to him.


    Trading near the value of its cash and securities 😬


      If you assume they won’t burn that cash pile much, then have at it. However, there are thirty million odd reasons why they went to C&M on the operations instead of doing the honest thing and closing down permanently; they can keep paying themselves and their friends to “…administer and optimize with a view to going back into production when maerket conditions…” blahblahblah. And all that nonsense about getting permits for the fresh soon, give me a break. That will take years even if the plan passes EIA.

      Then there’s the layoff charges, then the exploration holes they plan on their exciting and large tenement holdings. How have they been they doing so far on that? And remind me, are they targeting gold, copper lithium or battery metals these day, it’s hard to keep up. Long story short, NVO will continue to shovel the cash out in paychecks and the True Believers will continue to cling on to hope. If you can’t call this boondoggle for what it is, i.e. a enormous money-making scam for insiders, it’s impossible to fault the ethics or intentions of any junior mining company over the last 200 years or so. Quinton Hennigh is an absolute scoundrel and deserves jail, instead he now gets to live life on the high hog using the money he swindled from the people who believed his pablum. Rant done.


    I dont care to read or hear anything from BM. His vulgar and wacko comments are best left where they belong….in the sewer.


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