Take physic, pomp

Willem Middelkoop, prize idiot

Somebody needs to tell these morons about economic reality. Read this and laugh out loud at a hardcore gold and silverbug (“Going to $50…no, $100!…no, $300!!”), or perhaps read and weep because it’s buffoons like these, without a single clue on how the world really works and preferring to exist in an imaginary world of “real money”, who give the precious metals sector a bad name. Middelkoop is the type copy of the idiot who ignores the world when his theories are obviously out of step with reality and pipes up when macro circumstances make it look like his dumb brain has stumbled upon a solution (perhaps 5% of the time, but as that happens to be now he thinks he gonna be famous). Follow this fool and you will never, ever sell anything you buy for a profit, he’ll get you to hold your gold stocks all the way back down again.

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