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Willem Mittelkoop remembers the SilverSqueeze…

…even if you don’t. I think he used hashtag on the word at the time, too:

See that spike on the left? The moment when silverbugs paid the maximum per ounce anyone has paid for silver in a decade? That’s what the world’s dumbest sub-set of financial stupidity (aka silverbugs) and their champion Willem Mittelkoop did for the personal wealth of Twitter Morons. They gave him a chance and lent him their ears, it took just two financial quarters to see them all swimming in margin calls.


However, instead of showing the slightest remorse or concern for the millions of dollars of losses caused to others, the totally unqualified circus barker and his scam-running friends still try to pass themselves off as experts! As shown (and to a laughable level) back in Feb and March when they tried to make the case for the squeeze and merely demonstrated ignorance on how the futures market works. He literally doesn’t know what he is talking about, a stream of verbal vomit from the highest pinnacle of Mount Stupid, but carries on regardless. When Daniela Cambone signed on at Stansberry, she was expecting to get one-on-one with Bezos and Rand Paul, instead she gets to do another 20 minute in depth interview with Mittelkoop the Money Moron.

Or as Willem puts it, “It’s only the question of when will silver reach $50 before we will get it run towards $100 and I’m convinced the rally won’t be over.” Gotta reach 30 first, Willem.


    Tell us more about Stansberry ! He certainly has a reservation for prominent plaque and bust in the INNER SANCTUM of the “Financial Newsletter Huckster Hall of Fame”….dare I also include another monument in the “Pimp, Pump, and Dump” wing as well ? One must recognize talent, ambition, and achievement. After all, no one’s perfect.

    Sayed London England 27/07/21 3:56 am

    he chose mining instead of property, which one is tougher , why choose such a difficult , high risk industry ,


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