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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

One country, two worlds. Every so often, those silly little things known as statistics offer a little window of perspective to places unknown and lives unseen. And so it is with chicken consumption in Peru. Here’s the chart…

…that shows people in the capital Lima eat an average of 58 kilos a year of the stuff (that works out at roughly half a chicken per week, man woman child). But then the national consumption of chicken, according to the Peru poultry people, stands at 28kg per capita, which includes Lima. So by assuming Lima holds 1/3 of the country’s population (approx 9m to approx 27m is close enough for our purposes), that means Peruvians outside Lima get to eat around 10kg per capita in a year. Nearly six times less.

But maybe the funniest thing is that in its press release this morning, the Peru chicken association people are actually proud of all this. The Republic of Lima strikes again. Still wonder why there’s social unrest in provincial Peru?

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